stadterweiterung nyborg
reykjavik - island

Wettbewerboffener ideenwettbewerb - endrunde
Planungszeitraum07|2007 - 11|2007
BauherrStadt Reykjavik
VolumenPlangebiet ca. 150 ha
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the development of a key area in the northernmost capital city in the world, represents the unique chance and - above all - the responsibility of creating an unmistakable, vigorous estate design in a modern way, for a community and country of origin in an accelerating and globalizing world. as a consequence, identity, reliability and familiarity are the basis of our way of urban planning proposals. this concept is answered and guaranteed in a sustainable way and in a human scale - neither originality at any price, nor the so called international style will be applied. the tremendous abundance of nature and the impressive historical roots of society are the stimulating figures and served as images for the pattern : spirit of the spiral.

the sketch applies the spiral form to future urban development of vatnsmyri. its advantage lies in an excellent step by step processing of the site. the proposed settlement theme, showing the neigbourhoods like proposed green pots, is marked by the green wave of the landscape, connecting the waterfront of the old city centre of the north to the southern waterfront with the new marina : like a green river ; an  important tributary runs to the perlan area.

inside of the single settlements the strong green spirals of trees along the main roads - birch-, poplar- and rowan-avenue, pine-, spruce-, and larchboulevard - characterize the space and lead people to the central public places. these remakable destinations are named after appreciated islands of iceland. here in the dense and mixed centre with its modest building heights one can feel the heartbeat of the new  neigbourhoods. here one can even experience the venue for vibrant city life, characterized by quality and
diversity. this is the place to establish an interesting, bold and noteworthy ensemble, so that it refers to local traits and considers the local climate. each nucleus has its own face directly connected with each other by lanes for walking, biking and public transport. the internal links within the areas are strong to encourage synergy between different parts and access to services. in that way an inner circle ties together the hot spots - "ey.pots" - of vatnsmyri, offering culture and education in addition to residences with easy link to the nearby outdoor recreation areas : always respecting the cultural and natural heritage.

the address is given, a sustainable structure is developed for the catchy character and the distinctivness as a superior unit. space and freedom is provided for acquisition and individuality – without losing trade of the whole. all additional necessary proof of architectural design is left to another scale.